Academic Early Alert

Early Alert and Academic Achievement Specialists Information

Academic Achievement Specialists are professional GTCC staff members trained to help students recognize and resolve academic and personal obstacles related to Early Alerts issued by faculty. Each Academic Achievement Specialist manages a caseload of students enrolled at GTCC.  Academic Achievement Specialists also connect students to GTCC resources that help improve academic performance, adjustment to college, and overall success.

When a student receives an alert, Academic Achievement Specialists also receive notification the alert has been issued. Achievement Specialists contact each student by email to arrange an appointment. During the meeting, Achievement Specialists will:

  1. Review the alert.
  2. Reflect with the student on causes for the alert.
  3. Help the student determine a course of action to improve the behavior(s) that led to the alert. This could include working with faculty, advisors, and other student support staff at GTCC. 

What is an Early Alert?

An Early Alert (alert) is a referral from a faculty member regarding a student’s academic performance or personal adjustment. Once issued, students receive an email informing them their instructor is concerned about their class performance. The alert further informs the student that an Achievement Specialist will contact them to schedule a meeting.

Reasons for Early Alerts

Alerts communicate concern about performance and help students improve in the classroom and adjust to college. Generally, the earlier alerts are sent, the greater the opportunity for a student to overcome obstacles and meet academic goals.  Alerts can be issued for any of the following reasons: 

  • Low quizzes/homework assignments
  • Low test scores
  • No longer attending class or logging into online classes
  • Excessive absences
  • Personal Concerns 
  • Sporadic Assignment Submission
  • Writing or Technology Issues
  • Approaching excessive absenteeism limit

Student’s Responsibility After They Receive an Alert and Contact by an Achievement Specialist

  • Respond to all Academic Achievement Specialists communications. Share challenges they are facing and follow-through on Achievement Specialists recommendations.
  • Communicate progress on their success plan and recommended tasks/activities. 
  • Contact course instructor(s) when they have questions about assignments or performance.
  • Connect with tutors online through Microsoft Teams (unlimited free access) or (five hours free each semester when accessed through Canvas).
  • Before withdrawing from GTCC, discuss options and recommendations with their Achievement Specialist and instructors.

FAQs: Early Alert and Academic Achievement Specialists

The following FAQs provide additional information on alerts and Academic Achievement Specialists.   

Early Alert FAQs

No. Your instructor(s) believe that by providing you with information on your class performance, you may be able to "turn it around" and improve your performance. Some reasons for alerts include class absences, tardiness, low homework/quiz scores, low-test scores, and writing concerns.

An alert is an opportunity to address academic or personal challenges impacting your performance and it is up to you to make improvements. It is NOT a part of your permanent record or transcript. An alert gives you an opportunity to communicate with your instructor and your Achievement Specialist to come up with a success plan.

Your Achievement Specialist wants you to succeed and wants to work with you to make sure you are aware of strategies and resources that can help you improve. It is in your best interest to respond and discuss ways to improve your class performance.

The alert itself does not impact your academic record or financial aid.  However, it does provide an opportunity for you to take action to prevent negative consequences that failing grades can have on your academic record and financial aid eligibility.

You are expected to respond to your Achievement Specialist's Appointment Request by scheduling an appointment to meet. Meetings can take place in person, virtually via Microsoft Teams or, by phone. 

If you request a virtual appointment via Microsoft Teams  there are links below on how to use Teams as a student.  All GTCC faculty and students already have access to an account by using their GTCC username and password.


 All GTCC students already have access and a Microsoft Teams account. 

Below are links that describe how to set-up Microsoft Teams and quick-guide on how to use teams as a student.

Note: This is a new technology for instructors and students. Your Success Navigator may not be available at all times but will respond within 24 hours.

Academic Achievement Specialists FAQs

Academic Achievement Specialists are professional GTCC staff members trained to help students recognize and resolve academic and personal obstacles that hinder academic success. Achievement Specialists also help students understand how to navigate the college and connects students to GTCC resources that help improve academic performance, adjustment to college, and overall success.

One or more of your instructors are concerned about your performance in class and wants to make sure you receive additional help to succeed. Alerts are  issued so that an Achievement Specialist can contact and offer you support.

Contact information for your Achievement Specialist can be found in the appointment request email and in the appointment reminder you receive. You can also find their information in Navigate under the appointments section by the My Team tab.

They explain the alert, reflect with you on why the alert was issued, discuss strategies to help you get back on track, and assist you with developing an academic success plan. Achievement Specialists lead you through a self-evaluation process so you can strengthen skills and habits like time management, goal setting, note taking, test taking, test anxiety, reading textbooks, understanding syllabi, test prep and other strategies.

Achievement Specialists can also help you understand class requirements, communicate with instructors, and link you to  campus services like tutoring, counseling, Titan Link, veterans’ affairs  and other resources that help you succeed in college.

  • They are certified coaches and resource professionals who help you work through challenges that college students face.
  • They guide you to campus services and resources.
  • They help you communicate with instructors and help you arrange tutoring, counseling, Titan Link services, Financial Assistance, and other GTCC services.
  • They can also provide activities to build your academic skills and habits like time management, test anxiety, problem-solving, and study strategies.
  • Achievement Specialists also facilitate personal development workshops called Titan Up.