The Faculty-In-Training (FIT) Program, created in 1999, is a yearlong professional development program for current and prospective part-time faculty at Guilford Technical Community College. The program brings together talented, energetic, and optimistic teachers from a broad range of subject areas to work and grow together in a fun environment while promoting an inclusive, culturally responsive approach to teaching.

About the program

  • Program participants teach courses in their subject area in both the fall and spring semesters.
  • FIT provides full immersion in full-time faculty activities, including divisional and departmental meetings, college-wide functions, etc.
  • FIT participants take part in bi-weekly workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters with each program participant leading at least one meeting.
  • Program participants are paired with full-time faculty mentors in their area.
  • Participants observe full-time faculty and reflect upon these observations in writing.
  • FIT participants are in turn observed each semester by both their mentor and the program coordinator.
  • During the spring semester, FIT participants take part in a capstone hiring simulation featuring a mini-teach and formal interview with immediate feedback.   
  • FIT participants are compensated for the courses they teach with additional stipends awarded for FIT-related duties.

For information about participating in FIT, email program coordinator Steve Taylor at

If you already teach part time at GTCC, please speak with your department chair or program director about FIT. If you do not teach at GTCC, please include a resume and relevant unofficial academic transcripts with your email.