Faculty in Training (FIT) Program

Graduate students and postgraduates seeking opportunities to teach at the college level often are unaware of the community college as a professional area to explore and consider as a career option. GTCC’s Faculty In Training (FIT) program is designed to encourage enthusiastic, intelligent people to consider a teaching career in community colleges by providing accepted candidates to gain experience as Teaching Associates in a mentored and supportive environment.

Through program elements focusing on professional development, a weekly seminar, and classroom observation, the Teaching Associates accepted into the program gain pedagogical skills and grounding in community college philosophy, so they may determine whether to pursue careers at the community college level. With the exception of two, somewhat different, training programs for community college faculty, we are aware of no other Faculty In Training programs. Ours is unique in that it is based entirely in a community college.

Teaching Associate Responsibilities

  • Attend a two-week program orientation.
  • Prepare assigned courses.
  • Teach two freshman-level courses each semester of appointment.
  • Work three professional hours each week as assigned to the Writing Center and/or other professional activity.
  • Attend a weekly seminar with the Program Coordinator and cohort members.
  • Work with assigned faculty mentor.
  • Participate in department meetings as required.
  • Observe classes and be observed.
  • Create a Portfolio containing evidence that you have mastered the FIT Program competencies. The Portfolio will be subject to a mid-semester review and final evaluation.

Typical Participants

  • Have been interested in community college teaching but didn’t know how to pursue it beyond applying as adjunct instructors.
  • Could not teach college classes independently because they lacked experience.
  • Were interested in earning income while gaining teaching experience.

Contact Us

Steve Taylor
Coordinator, Faculty In Training
Email: FIT@gtcc.edu
Phone: 336-334-4822 ext. 50523